Shop For White Camouflage Netting

White Camouflage Netting really is versatile stuff! Our customer’s keep on surprising us with the unique uses they discover for our netting, we never know what it will be used for next! Yet one thing’s for sure, this netting isn’t just for use in the snow! Our White Camouflage Nets have been used to cover walls, hang from roofs, partition areas and lend vibrancy to event exhibitions.
Many parents have found a heap of reasons to buy camouflage netting for use in and around the home. It can be used to keep the kids busy when hung to form part of an obstacle course, used to build ghost tunnels at birthday parties and to create a load of other adventures. It’s also pretty nifty stuff to have around the home, in the garage it can be hung as a canopy to store lightweight objects on and hung as a kid’s wall decoration in the house.

The White Camouflage Netting has also been made use of by many of our corporate clients, to create sunshades or screen large areas that were under construction. Its resilient nature means the netting is great for not only for home use, but also industry and corporate uses.

If you are in need of White Camouflage Netting we stock a wide range of sizes to suit your individual needs. The nets come in lengths from 5 x 6 feet all the way up to 40 x 40 feet and can be joined with the use of zip ties to create the exact bespoke size you require.

The white camo netting is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, we sell camo nets that are water resistant, resistant to rot and mold, UV treated and fire retardant. All of these features ensure that no matter the environment, whether indoor or out, the netting will resist the elements and stand the test of time. Our netting is also super lightweight making transportation a very easy task.

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