Fire Retardant Light Grey/Charcoal Reinforced

Fire Retardant Light Grey/Charcoal Camo Netting. This light grey/charcoal camouflage net is also fire retardant to Standard NFPA 701. This makes it safe for indoor use. This netting has been seen in films, exhibitions and shop window displays. It is ideal for leisure use, such as hunting, den building, room decorating, sun shade and many other things. Our Light Grey/Charcoal Camo Netting has a reinforced net backing for extra strength. This makes it ideal for outdoor use.

From: $119.99

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Fire Retardant Light Grey/Charcoal Reinforced

  • Fire Retardant to NFPA-701.
  • Sizes range from 20ft x 10ft to 40ft x 40ft.
  • Rot / Mould Resistant, UV Treated, Shower Resistant.
  • Non-toxic and friendly to our fragile environment.
  • This Reinforced, Fire Retardant Netting Has A 90% Leaf Coverage


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10ft x 10ft – $59.99, 20ft x 10ft – $119.99, 30ft x 10ft – $179.99, 40ft x 10ft – $239.99, 20ft x 20ft – $239.99, 30ft x 20ft – $359.99, 40ft x 20ft – $479.99, 30ft x 30ft – $534.98, 40ft x 30ft – $719.99, 40ft x 40ft – $944.99