Light Grey / Charcoal Camo Netting

Charcoal Grey Camo Netting
Fire retardant Light Grey/Charcoal camouflage netting is a new addition to the Camo-netting range. Light Grey/Charcoal camo netting is a two tone color scheme which is pale on one side and dark on the other. When hanging it gives an overall two-tone camouflage effect. Light Grey/Charcoal camo nets are perfect for use in built-up urban areas. All our Light Grey/Charcoal Camo Netting is fire retardant to local safety standards. This makes them safe and suitable for all indoor use. We offer Light Grey/Charcoal Netting with reinforced net backing. This makes them durable and strong enough for outdoor use. Our Light Grey/Charcoal Camo Netting also comes off the roll. This means you can order larger custom sizes. This means we have the exact size you need for any project, large or small.

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