Get The Best Camouflage Netting

During the Middle Ages it was regarded as cowardice by soldiers to attempt to conceal themselves from the enemy. However, during the 16th century, some regiments of the British Army began wearing green jackets to blend in with the terrain during battles.

With World War I underway, a need was felt to conceal weapons and other objects from enemy observers. This led to the development of Camouflage Netting. France was the first nation to incorporate this new invention into the military, the moment other nations realized the benefits of effective camouflage, Italy, Germany, Russia, Great Britain and the United States all followed suit. With this one simple invention, modern warfare was changed forever.

Yet camouflage netting isn’t just used by the armed services, it has many uses outside of the military. Often camouflage is used by hunters to hide and conceal themselves more effectively so that they are not easily seen by the animals they are hunting. Yet camo netting isn’t just limited to a woodland environment, our customers have made use of it in a whole range of settings, from indoor event exhibitions to outdoor restaurant decoration. It’s really very versatile and can be used in a bunch of different settings and locations.

When purchasing Army Camo Netting for personal use, there are a couple of basic things to take into consideration. Always be mindful of the use of the netting that you are intending to buy. It will help you to appropriately decide what quantity and what size to buy. Strength is another attribute to consider. If you are going to be using a net that will take a beating you will want to go for reinforced netting. Similarly, if you are looking for durable netting which could be used several times and will last for many years, it will be appropriate to invest in our higher quality netting which is very hard wearing.

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