Fire Retardant Net – FAQs

What are the benefits of fire retardant camouflage nets?
Fire retardant camouflage nets can provide additional protection to persons by delaying the time it will take a fire to spread.

They aim to delay inflammation and limit post-combustion of textile fibers. Due to their fire retardant properties, their use is recommended in enclosed spaces and public places. Fire Retardant camo nets are lightweight, easy to install and are available in a variety of colors.

What is a fire retardant camouflage net?
A fire retardant camo net is a camouflage net which has been treated to make it fire retardant. The flame retardant treatments currently used in the USA for the treatment of synthetic textiles are non-toxic, colorless and odorless. The aim of the fire retardant treatment is to delay inflammation and limit post-combustion of textile fibers. Although the treated fabric ¬†be nonflammable, it can slow down and limit the spread of flames thus providing additional protection of property and people. Purchase of secondhand fire resistant net is not recommended as it’s fire-fighting effectiveness cannot be verified.

Do flame resistant camouflage nets comply with NFPA 701?
Our fire resistant nets are produced by a leading camouflage net manufacturers and they comply with NFPA 701 US Standards. NFPA 701 regulates fire retardant nets for use in public places and enclosed spaces such as bars, restaurants and events and exhibitions. The fire resistant properties and effectiveness of the camouflage nets are checked by an independent labratory every 12 months to ensure they comply with the United States standards currently in force.

When to use a fire retardant camouflage net?
There are many uses for fire rated camouflage netting. They can be used by professionals to create private or atmospheric, friendly spaces at functions held at a lounge bar, disco, beach hut or restaurant. In the home, fire retardant nets can be used as interior decoration in living areas or bedrooms.
The density and color achieved depends on the colors chosed and different combinations give different results. Most of our flame resistant nets are two-toned with colors blending when the net is taut. The level of black out can reach 90% on certains models.

What dimension are Fire Retardant nets are available in?
We offer fire retardant nets in a variety of sizes ranging from small nets of 1.5 m x 2 m to large nets of 15 mx 12 m. We also offer camonets in bespoke sizes. Our made to measure nets are priced according to their surface area. The minimum size for bespoke netting via our cutting service is 2m x 2m. Camo Nets are available in a widths of 6.5ft to 20ft, depending on the color. The maximum camonet roll length is 100ft however it can be cut in 1 yard increments depending on your requirements. In this way, small sections of net can be provided if you wish to decorate small items. This offers flexibility and the best prices per square foot.

How to fasten a fire retardant camouflage net?
Fire retardant nets can be fastened using serflex cable ties, bale fasteners or garden tether. It is recommended to place a fastner every meter. A net can be fastened or joined and then disassembled multiple times without deterioration. In the case of reinforced nets, these are supplied with fixing rings.

Can I use a fire retardant net outside?
Although it can be used outside it is generally designed for indoor use. Prolonged use outside and exposure to poor weather conditions, water or rain will compromise it’s effectiveness and it’s fire proof properties will be reduced over time. Fire resistant camouflage netting can be useful if you need to build a welcoming outdoor public place however please check with the appropriate authorities for advice on the type of net to be used.

Are fire resistant nets all reinforced?
Not all fireproof nets are reinforced. There are two types of nets available. Simple mesh nets and re-inforced camonets. All nets are made of a polyester fabric which is light but also very robust. Reinforced fire resistant nets have a strong net structure providing greater strength and they are slight heavier than the conventional simple mesh camonets. Despite this they are easy to install because they have fastening loops. Non-reinforced nets, the simple mesh variety, are lighter and more aesthetic and lend themselves to interior decoration. They are also less weather resistant. Both types of camouflage nets can be cut easily with scissors and their edges do not fray so there is no need for hems. The nets are designed to be tear-proof; the tear is stopped clean by the internal seams.

What are the other properties of fire retardant camonets?
Fire retardant nets benefit from all of the properties of other camonets with the benefit of increased safety in case of fire. They are UV treated, anti-mildewed. They are high quality, impervious, rot-proof and they do not fade over time. If they are not needed all year round, fireproof nets can be folded for storage purposes.