Custom Size Desert Camo Netting

Whether you want to go bird watching, hunting, or decorate your home, this Desert Camo Netting is the stuff you need! You are more likely to see rare birds if they cannot see you, and you will be able to sneak up on your prey during a hunt if you are undetectable. is the place to come if you are in need of some top quality Desert Camouflage Netting. We stock a wide variety of Desert Camo Netting that is sure to supply any camo net related use you have.

We offer pre-cut lengths that range between 10 x 10 feet up to 40 x 40 feet with a long 60 x 10 feet option as well. If you require any bespoke sizes just get in touch with us and we will work with you to find a solution.

We provide netting that is fire retardant and can be joined to form larger sizes with the use of ropes or zip ties. It is also resistant to mold, rot proof and is relatively lightweight. Meaning that if you will be transporting and unloading the nets on a regular basis, it won’t be too much bother. With loops in all four corners, our nets are easy to hang and position.

Desert Camouflage Netting has many uses, including decorating a themed party area, screening partitions, garden decoration or constructing bird hides. It can be used in any indoor or outdoor environment, our customers always surprise us with all the uses they find for our nets!

An overseas client of ours who owned a hotel bought a large quantity of Desert Camouflage Netting to create an outdoor sun canopy at their resort. The netting did a spectacular job, providing much needed shade and a unique look that really added to the character of the hotel.  Production companies have also ordered large quantities of netting to screen and obscure equipment when filming on set, making things look much tidier and ordered. The uses of this netting really are vast and aren’t just confined to a desert themed setting.

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